Do you know how a shower head switches from a tap to a shower?

2019-02-19 14:52:39

          Do you know how a shower head switches from a tap to a shower?The shower head on market now all sorts of brand can design all sorts of give water means, need you to undertake simple adjustment according to oneself need a circumstance to be ok, general adjustment method is very simple, the small handle on wanting to squeeze only press shower head or turn shower head directly can change at will give water.

         General double switch if only a handle there are two kinds of motion: rotation and pressure, try to pull up rotation control what, pressure down rotation control what.It may also be the first rotation in the pull up control of one, rotation to the other side pull up control of the other.The switch can have a mark commonly, resemble the mark of shower head and faucet, turn corresponding position to go.

         The material quality of shower head is very important.All right, so what are the materials of a general shower head.Which one is better?It is bibcock material above all: have bibcock of stainless steel shower, plastic shower head, copper to pledge shower head commonly.The first two are all smaller than a copper shower head.All copper is less likely to die and rust than steel and other metals, which makes shower head durable.

         Next it is valve core material: this is the lifeblood of shower head, as to the valve core of shower head shower head what material pledges is good, had better use the valve core of high hardness pottery and porcelain, the valve core that is material with pottery and porcelain has better sealing sex, rust not easily, use rise the activity is smooth, not raw acerbity.It is shower head hose material again, shower head hose has all sorts of metal hose, braid pipe, PVC strengthens a pipe to wait, different material pledges some difference, specific which kind is good also do not have absolute answer.Buy the time to see the surface smoothness of the hose, uniform clearance, feel smooth, natural expansion, structure is strong, strong resistance to destruction.

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