How to make the bathroom design tasteful ?

2018-10-26 17:07:33

In daily life, the bathroom is an indispensable existence, so the design of the bathroom is very important, which not only affects the aesthetics of the entire space, but also affects the use and cleaning in the future.

Some bathrooms are beautifully designed, but they don't pay attention to the design of the "dead corner". It will be very inconvenient to use in the future. The yellow mold in the gap, the ubiquitous hair, the messy bottles and cans, challenge each day's endurance limit, and finally get a big cleaning, but it will be clean for 3 days!


The simpler it is, the more tasteful and taller it is. The bathroom design like the picture above, the white ceramic tile on the wall, provides a simple and comfortable tone for the space, and is matched with the golden decorative line, which makes people feel illusion and the line of sight is extended. It is brighter. The placement of artistic paintings enhances the sense of spatial hierarchy and also highlights the taste of the owner.


Reduce hygiene corners

The sides of the toilet, the bathtub, the bathroom cabinet, etc. are all mildew-hit areas, so it is best to design this type of suspension or choose one, which is convenient for cleaning and can avoid mold.

If you can choose a wall-mounted toilet, you can save space and make the bathroom design more advanced and stylish.


Do vertical storage

Washing products such as facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, shower gel, etc. are used every day. If it is placed in a closed cabinet, it will be very inconvenient to take it. If you leave it on the sink or window sill, it will be very messy. Therefore, it is best to create a vertical storage area next to the mirror, which is convenient for taking and making the space clean and spacious.

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