How to remove stains from kitchen faucets effectively

2019-07-22 09:50:48

How to remove stains from kitchen faucets effectively?The kitchen faucet is the most prone to scale and water stains, so how to effectively clean the kitchen faucet, here is a way to help you effectively remove water stains from the kitchen faucet, let those water stains away from your kitchen, make your kitchen look brand-new.

Method (1) : to use and clean dishcloth dips in a few toothpaste, wiped gently tap, rags to wipe to some corner, then you can use toothbrush dipped a little toothpaste to wipe, but want to remember, do not use acid or have grinding effect, such as "cleaner, steel wire brush" to "torture" faucet, so as not to damage the surface of faucet, only to get rid of the dirt on the surface of the can completely avoid bacteria breeding.

Method (2) :

Step 1: first, you prepare a bowl of white vinegar

Step 2: then prepare a dishcloth, wipe clean the place that needs to be wiped, wipe clean only, then soak the dishcloth in the white vinegar, tightly wrap the faucet crack, gently pour the white vinegar on the dishcloth, so that the dirt on the faucet will be soaked by white vinegar, and then wait for an hour.

Step 3: after an hour, take out a sponge and gently wipe the area to be cleaned.

Step 4: after a while, you will find that the faucet gradually becomes clean, but some hard to clean areas still can not be cleaned.

Step 5: it doesn't matter, in the wipe again, again with the vinegar cloth wipe the faucet hard to wipe the place, and then in an hour.

Step 6: after an hour, sponge again and see if you can rub it off.

Step 7: after removing excess water, your faucet will look like a new one.

Warm clew: when wiping faucet, must take off the ring on finger, resemble the object of that kind of metal of the ring, must not touch faucet surface, one touch spent.

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