Method for quickly removing scale from the shower head

2019-03-01 13:38:18

Method for quickly removing scale from the shower head

After using the shower head in our house for a period of time, it will be blocked by scale, which is especially troublesome to clean up! Today, I will teach you a little trick. It only takes a few minutes to make the scale disappear. First of all, we only need to prepare a plastic bag.



Then put the shower head inside this plastic bag.


Next, add a proper amount of salt to the plastic bag. The salt can be added more.


After adding the edible salt, add the appropriate amount of white vinegar, and white vinegar can also be poured into some.


After adding the white vinegar, we will seal the bag again. After the bag is sealed, we can hang it and let it sit for ten minutes.

After standing for ten minutes, we took out the shower head inside the bag, and the white vinegar had the effect of softening the scale.




Then we cleaned it again with water, so that after the treatment, the scale inside disappeared completely. So if you find that the shower head in your house is clogged, you can use this method to try it out.(Content comes from the network)



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