Octagon valve and the difference between Angle valve, how to buy quality Angle valve

2019-01-17 18:23:57

        In decorating building materials, often can hear figure eight valve and Angle valve two kinds of products, basically be to have join and fixed action.So,Octagon valve and the difference between Angle valve, how to buy quality Angle valve, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge, hope to help you.

        Literally, the figure eight valve and Angle valve is not the same product.In fact, eight-word valve is people's usual call, its professional name is called Angle valve, eight-word valve and Angle valve difference in nature is not big, also known as eight-word valve, triangle valve, Angle valve, Angle water valve and so on.Why want to call eight valve, because it into the corner of the 90 °.Usually used in water heater, plumbing, toilet, sink, sink under the secret place.

        The skill that chooses horn valve first, see material above all, high grade horn valve copper material is qualitative heavier, extended the service life of the product greatly;Although the price of zinc alloy material on the market is relatively low, it is prone to fracture after a period of use, leading to unnecessary troubles and difficult maintenance.



        Look at the valve core, the valve core can be said to be the heart of the Angle valve, its importance can be seen, whether the product is closed firmly and service life depends on its material, especially the internal sealing ring and ceramic pieces.If the spool feel too heavy, the switch is difficult, and feel too light, use for a long time easy to leak!Suggest to choose feel softer.

        See the Angle valve surface plating glossiness, and then observe whether the surface blister and scratches, high quality product surface smooth shiny, smooth feel without defects.

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