The Frankfurt International Sanitary Ware, Heating and Air Conditioning Exhibition will be held from March 11-15, 2019.

2019-03-04 13:06:11

Exhibition introduction

This exhibition is a large-scale and well-known exhibition for the global sanitary ware and heating industry.

The German Bathroom HVAC Exhibition ISH has demonstrated the world's most advanced bathrooms to professionals in the past 50 years and is an indispensable stage for architectural innovation.

Attractive: This exhibition not only gives exhibitions and trade visitors more exhibition opportunities, but also attracts a large number of architects, engineers, and related industry experts and scholars. All technologies related to building systems are increasingly focused on following new rules for energy conservation and resource conservation.



Rich activities: The exhibition will also carry a variety of professional activities, including the "Outlook-Shaping Water" competition to encourage young designers to design innovative solutions, the "Design Plus" design competition for exhibitors, and the "Architecture and Technology" innovation award. These are the competitions that combine aesthetics and practicality. In addition, the “Pop-up-my-Bathroom” show provides the latest trends and practical information on bathroom design. The special event entitled “Building and Drinking Water Hygiene” also provides participants with relevant information and assists in solving their problems. Problems encountered in law and in opening up the market.

The ideal platform: The international exhibition not only provides a large amount of technical information, but also an occasion for the parties to meet and negotiate, providing exhibitors and visitors with a very attractive channel to open the international market, is bathroom facilities, heating and The best window for air-conditioning companies to showcase new products and post new information.

Market analysis

Germany is the most populous country in the European Union with a population of 81 million and is the third largest market in the world. The German national standard of living ranks among the top countries in the world and has a complete social security system. It is the second largest exporter and the fourth largest importer. Germany is a highly developed industrial country with the highest economic strength in Europe. It is the world's third largest economic power and a major exporter of goods. Half of its industrial products are sold abroad. According to data released by the German Federal Statistical Office, the German economy has maintained steady growth due to factors such as increased domestic consumption and investment, and booming export industries. The annual GDP growth rate is 3%. Sino-German trade has always accounted for nearly one-third of China-EU trade, equivalent to the sum of China and the United Kingdom, France and Italy.
According to statistics from the Eurostat, in January-September 2017, the import and export volume of German goods was US$192.31 billion, an increase of 7.1% over the same period of the previous year. Among them, exports were 106.52 billion US dollars, up 6.1%; imports were 856.09 billion US dollars, up 8.4%. The trade surplus was 209.13 billion US dollars, down 2.6%. From January to September, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Germany and China was US$132.43 billion, an increase of 10.0%. Among them, Germany’s exports to China were US$71.60 billion, up 14.3%, accounting for 6.7% of Germany’s total exports, up 0.5 percentage points; Germany’s imports from China were US$60.83 billion, up 5.4%, accounting for 7.1% of total German imports, down 0.2 percentage point. As of September, China is Germany's third largest export destination and the second largest source of imports.


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exhibition criteria

1. Bathroom kitchen: sanitary ware, bathroom and bathroom accessories, toilet facilities, faucets, showers, toilets, bathtubs, SPAS, sauna equipment, solarium; kitchen furniture, kitchen supplies, kitchen appliances, ventilation, cabinets, sewers Wait;

2. Installation technology: pipe technology and metal processing technology, bathroom installation parts, connectors, pipe fittings, and related tools, seals, etc.;

3. Building air conditioning and ventilation: ventilation and air conditioning system facilities, ventilation and air conditioning system intake and exhaust equipment, ventilation system central inlet and outlet equipment, ventilation and air conditioning system roof or outdoor equipment, household integral air conditioner, household Split and multi-split air conditioners, fan inverters; mobile air handling units, fans, air ducts, ceiling air conditioners, heat recovery systems, kitchen range hoods, safety and monitoring systems;

4. Refrigeration and air conditioning categories: refrigeration systems and equipment, condensing systems, liquid cooling systems, ice making equipment, heat pumps, other refrigeration machines; refrigeration systems and equipment parts, heat exchange equipment, water cooling equipment, air compressors, refrigeration Refrigerant lubricants; cooling systems and freezers, ice cream machines, ice machines, refrigerators; refrigerated compartments, freezer compartments, transport refrigeration systems, refrigerated containers, refrigerated and frozen food cabinet parts, etc.;

5. Building and energy technology: pumps, timers, pressure switches, thermostats, relays, heating engineering, radiators.


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