What kinds of bath faucets are there

2019-07-29 14:45:43

What kinds of bath faucets are there.The faucet of bath crock faucet is different from the faucet of other place, installation method also has some distinction, choose correct bath crock faucet to be able to raise the comfortable installation process also should notice a few easy to make a mistake detail.So what are the bathtub faucets?How to choose suitable bathtub faucet?

Bath crock bibcock cent is two kinds, one kind is the shower faucet that the flower sheds model, this kind of installation is in the upper part of shower room, general mix has cold heat to mix control function, divide to insert a wall type flower to asperse and hose type flower to asperse according to the form again, the basic that the family USES is hose type flower to asperse, can take in the hand at any time so.And public bathroom is chosen by the circumstance, it is to choose to set a wall type flower to asperse mostly, protect bibcock more so, some high-grade shower bibcock still can contain constant temperature to control a function.

Another kind is bath crock bibcock, install on the side of bath crock, also can have hot and cold mix control switch, material is to use ceramic valve core mostly, the valve body of bibcock is to use brass commonly, this kind can prevent leakage wear-resisting.

The installation method of bath crock faucet is not difficult, after buying faucet commonly, if want to install faucet in wall body, install the valve core of bibcock inside wall first, pay attention to the ply of toilet wall, if the wall is too thin, do not install in wall.When embedded in the wall, do not take off the protective cover outside, so as not to damage the valve core, cement and other sundry, install the valve core to pay attention to the direction of the valve core, do not install the reverse.

In addition, pay attention to the installation of hot and cold water separately into the pipe, do not do the wrong, in the installation of faucets if the pipe size is not suitable to take the method of adjusting the kidnapper to correct.

The attention when using faucet does not want too energetically, the material of faucet is alloy or other pottery and porcelain, more brittle, good gently, lest make faucet out of shape, cause leakage to destroy even.Faucet of choose and buy also should choose brand businessman, such quality has safeguard and still have after sale service.

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