What should you pay attention to when choosing a shower head

2019-01-08 16:52:57

         I'm sure all of you are familiar with shower head, which has become a necessity in our daily life.

         What should you pay attention to when choosing a shower head?We need to see where the shower nozzle is.The details of the pipes and the locks that determine the practicality and durability of shower head.The material of shower head basically is by plastic and stainless steel make and become, the shower head of plastic is relatively more not durable, and appear easily crack, and the shower head of stainless steel some more durable.




         To shower head, the way that give water is relatively important, the way that shower head gives water affects the feeling of bath and effect directly.It is recommended to choose and buy the outlet hole made of rubber. The outlet hole made of rubber is not easy to accumulate scale, which is convenient for our cleaning at ordinary times and can be cleaned directly with cloth.See its spool, spool directly affect the feeling of use and life, when it has played the effect of water conservation.The plating layer of shower head surface, its stand or fall can affect service life not only, affect our at ordinary times more clean sanitation.


          In the case of blockages caused by prolonged use of the shower head, we need to clean up the shower head at regular intervals in our daily life.In general can use white vinegar to eliminate such as scale, the use of specific ways as follows: once every three months to clean up, the small head and dismantling, soaked in bowl containing vinegar, time in 4 to 6 hours, after the nozzle is clean, install back, after the water with the outflow of scale and it can reach the effect of cleaning scale, destroy bacteria.So we have to choose a good quality shower head and at the same time look at the right one for ourselves.

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