Which position is better for bathroom rack installation?

2018-09-28 15:47:42

First: the choice of bathroom racks certainly can not choose wooden, the bathroom's moisture is important to know, it is easy to rot, resulting in reduced shelf life. However, the choice of stainless steel shelves is different, it will not only be rotted and has a long service life. Choosing this kind of rack is cheap and easy for everyone. I

Second: buy bathroom racks, many because the size of the different shelves caused by the purchase of shelves or small, or large, how to deal with such a situation. This requires everyone to put a good amount of size, find a company that must customize the bathroom rack, they will save you space and save costs. Make your home warmer and more comfortable.

Whether the rack base is firm or not, it is easy to shake when pushing and pulling.

Material selection for the rack. Because the racks in the bathroom are in a humid environment for a long time, you need to choose materials that are not easily rusted and rotted. Stainless steel and alloy racks can be considered.



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