Classification of various faucets

2019-08-05 11:26:09

Classification of various faucets:There are many kinds of faucets in the market. Many owners may only know the name of faucet, but they don't know much about faucets and don't know how to distinguish faucets.Come to brief introduction below the classification of each kind of faucet

One, the classification of each kind of faucet

1.According to the material to divide: faucet includes stainless steel faucet, cast iron faucet, plastic faucet, brass faucet and zinc alloy faucet and so on several kinds.

2. According to the structure to divide: the faucet is divided into single type faucet, double type faucet and three type faucet.Besides, faucet still has the cent of single handle and double handle.

3. According to the way to open: faucet including screw faucet, wrench faucet, lift faucet and induction faucet, etc

4.According to the valve core to divide: faucet can be divided into rubber core, ceramic core and stainless steel valve core, etc.

5.According to function, the faucet is divided into basin faucet, bathtub faucet, shower faucet, kitchen sink faucet and electric heating faucet.


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